The supreme Gods – Zeus, Janus and Ahura Mazda


Everything dies in this world.

Everyone’s time comes.

Everyone’s, except for the Gods.

The ultimate beings of awesome powers.

They have shaped this world in their own image and it is them that decide the faith of us all.

Gods can be generous, but they can also be vengeful and merciless.

Many different civilizations had their own, unique pantheon of Gods.

Let us see, who the strongest Gods of each of the civilizations in Champions of Gods.




The supreme God.

The ruler of Mount Olympus.

The God of the sky, wind, and lightning.

The almighty,


Zeus is the child of Cronus (titan of time) and Rhea.

Cronus was devouring his children since he had learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overthrown by his son as he had previously overthrown Uranus, his own father.

Luckily for Zeus, his mother Rhea saved him from this awful faith.

When Zeus grew up, he swore revenge on the Titans.

After freeing his brothers and sisters (from the belly of Cronus), he also released Gigantes, the Hecatonchires, and the Cyclopes, from their torment in the pits of Tartarus.

Then, after receiving thunderbolts from Cyclopses as a thank you gift, he engages Titans in one final battle called Titanomachy.

After defeating the Titans he imprisoned them in the pits of Tartarus.

After the battle with the Titans, Zeus shared the world with his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, by drawing lots.

Zeus got the sky and air, Poseidon the waters, and Hades the world of the dead (that’s a great way to decide where you will spend eternity…).

Zeus also had many children.

Some with his wife Hera, some with other goddesses and some even with mortal women.

So Gods like Athina and Ares and Demi-Gods like Hercules and Perseus are all children of Zeus (though everyone on Olympus called him father, because of his position on Mount Olympus).

There is a huge number of myths which include stories of Zeus, but it would take many articles to get into all of these.

Some of the most famous are his acts of cruelty, like the punishment of Prometheus for giving fire to humans and giving Pandora a box filled with all evils of the world.

Now that is one God on whose vengeance list you don’t want to be.

With as much power as he wields, and with the entire Olympus at his disposal at any time; Zeus is an absolute powerhouse that must be feared and respected.




Probably all of us know that Romans included all of the Greek Gods and worshiped them as their own.

Therefore, Jupiter (the equivalent of Zeus) is considered the ruler of the Gods.

However, did you know that Romans’ strongest and most respected divinity is actually their own and was worshiped long before the newly adopted pantheon?

We are talking about the Roman God of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings

We are talking about Janus.

Janus is the almighty.

He presides over everything that has any duality.

His rule over duality is evident through his depictions, as it is said that he has two faces since he looks to the future and the past.

Powers which he wields are amazing.

Janus was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as:

the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, and of one universe to another.

He was representative of the middle ground between barbarity and civilization, rural country and urban cities, and youth and adulthood.

There aren’t many stories and myths involving him as one of the main characters.

However, Janus is considered to be a constant because of which anything and everything can happen in this world.

Unlike other Gods, which were celebrated by many priests, Janus was to be celebrated only by the highest priest personally (that’s just how important deity Janus was to Romans).

In general, Janus is at the origin of time as the guardian of the gates of Heaven.

Jupiter himself can move forth and back because of Janus’s working.

He presides over the concrete and abstract beginnings of the world, such as religion and the gods themselves.

For these reasons men must invoke him first, regardless of the god they want to pray or placate.

How more awesome can you be?!!!

He could literally trap other gods in heaven and freeze them in time.

No entity, no matter how abstract, is immune to the powers of Janus.

In Champions of Gods, his awesome abilities will be showcased, and that is a sight you don’t want to miss.


Ahura Mazda


Greek and Roman Gods are largely known across the world, as their mythologies are as popular as ever.

However, there are many less known mythologies that are just as awesome.

Persian mythology is definitely one of them.

When you start talking about Persian mythology, there is one divine being that first comes to mind.

The one and only supreme god,

Ahura Mazda.

The worship of this God is one of the closest examples in ancient histories to turning polytheistic into monotheistic beliefs.

Ahura Mazda had created “the world, mankind and all good things in it”.

The rest of the universe was created by six other spirits, the Amesha Spentas (“holy immortals“).

However, the order of this world was threatened by the demon hordes and the Supreme God of Evil Ahriman.

There are many stories of how the relationship between Ahura Mazda works with two most famous being:

  • Ahura Mazda created Ahriman
  • Ahriman is Ahura Mazda’s twin brother.

Since there can be no definitive proof of how things were between them, we find the story of brotherly battle as much more interesting.

Zurvan (Time) is the father of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.

Ahura Mazda is all-wise, bounteous, undeceiving, and the creator of everything good.

The good and evil spirits are conceived as mutually limiting and coeternal beings.

The one above and the other beneath, with the world in between as their battleground.

The pure Good versus The pure Evil.

The Creator versus the Destroyers.

It is an ultimate story of the world’s duality.

For the first time in history, the concept of pure good and pure evil was introduced.

Good spirits and evil demons (daeva) were fighting and mankind had to support the good spirits in order to speed up the inevitable victory of Ahura Mazda.

This is the ultimate triumph of good over evil, which was the essence of Zoroastrianism and good was Ahura Mazda.




We can dispute the existence of Gods and the events of which the ancient ones speak, but there is one thing that is absolutely true:

Stories which they tell us are absolutely amazing.

They touch our imagination in a unique way and make us question the reality itself.

This is something for what we will forever be thankful and we will give our best to help their stories live for many years to come.

Champions of Gods will give its best to showcase these larger than life characters in their full glory. The Gods are here. Tremble before their divine might!


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