Champions of Gods – The Mythical Creatures


Throughout history, mankind has seen many amazing creatures.

From a mouse to a bear there’ve been many different creatures to walk this Earth. However, no matter how many different creatures we’ve seen, nothing can compare to the awesomeness of the Mythical Creatures.

There was a huge number of mythical beasts that were thought to exist throughout history (even in this modern age).

However, there were never more of these creatures, than in the time period of the ancient civilizations. In cultures of these great civilizations, Mythical Creatures have a very special place, and these creatures give a great contribution to making these mythologies as awesome as they are.

Gods have created many beings and things. However, these Mythical Creatures might be their most beautiful and most horrifying creations ever.

They have enormous strength and amazing abilities which make them extremely dangerous. They were the ones who would punish those who disrespect the Gods. They were also guardians of powerful items which Gods didn’t want to fall into the hands of any mortal. They were also both terrifying enemies and amazing allies of many great Heroes.

Most usually they were imagined as mixtures of many different animals which already existed in the world.

Anyone who has to face these beasts should be afraid, because once they cross your path, the only way you can pass is through them, and that is no easy task.

In Champions of Gods mythical creatures have a very important role. They are the strongest units which one player can have. You will be able to recruit these creatures and they will offer you their assistance in spreading the glory of your Gods across the World.

You will need to earn favor from many Gods in order to bring these creatures to life. However, even though that may not seem like an easy task, once that you see both their strengths and their abilities you will realize that it was absolutely worth it and then some.

Now, let us talk a bit more about these amazing creatures.


Ancient Greece is probably “The Civilization” when it comes to mythical creatures.

There is such a huge lore of these creatures in Greek mythology, that we would need more than one game to bring them all to life. This mythology is an endless source of inspiration, and these mythical creatures have been featured in many games, movies, and books.

They say that every Hero needs a great enemy or a great obstacle in his way which he must overcome in order to truly be a Hero. Well, obstacles don’t get any bigger, dangerous or more difficult to overcome than these Mythical Creatures.

Let’s remember Hercules and his adventures. One of Hercules’s labors was to destroy the Lernean Hydra (or just Hydra), a gigantic, nine-headed water-serpent, which haunted the swamps of Lerna.  For each of her heads that he decapitated, two more sprang forth. Isn’t that just an insane obstacle?

On one of his other labors, he was sent to capture Cerberus the three-headed hound of Hades which guarded the gates of the underworld and prevented the escape of the shades of the dead.

A huge three-headed dog (creature that big should not be called a dog, but rather a beast) with lion’s claws is surely a sight by which everyone would get scared to death (unless of course, he is very cuddly, for what are very high chances, since he guards the underworld and is a pet of Lord Hades himself…).

Should we mention the labor with which all began? Nemean Lion, anyone? A large lion whose hide was impervious to weapons? No? Talk about choking a lion…

And these are just some mythical creatures from Hercules’s journey. There are so many creatures which are mentioned and described in the Greek mythology that we could make a series of articles, just about them.



Let’s talk about Roman mythological creatures. Romans have adopted Greek mythology, and by doing that they adopted their myths, Gods as well as mythical creatures.

Now there are some unique mythical creatures that come straight from Romans, such as Basilisk “king of serpents” a reptilian creature who is famous for its ability to kill with a single glance. However, there aren’t that many notable mythical creatures that are unique to the Roman mythology.

So what we wanted to do here is to use this opportunity and expand on the Greek lore of monsters. Since these civilizations share mythologies, they share mythical creatures as well.

However, we didn’t want to just put the creatures which we made for the Greek civilization. Instead, we will bring to life some unique creatures that originated within the Greek myths but are used in media more rarely.

We will be adding famous monsters such as Scylla. Scylla was a sea monster who haunted the rocks of a narrow strait opposite the whirlpool of Charybdis (another very dangerous sea monster). Ships who sailed too close to Scylla’s rocks would suffer great losses. Anyone who has read Homer’s masterpiece Odyssey will instantly remember Odysseus’s great struggle with this beast.

However, we will also be adding some lesser known creatures. One of the prime examples is mighty Talos. Talos was a giant made of bronze – a living statue forged by the Smith God Hephaestus.

Have you ever heard of Colchian Dragon? This was a giant dragon which was given a task watchfully guard the Golden Fleece in the sacred grove of Ares in Colchis. The way the Argonauts were able to defeat this mighty beast is thanks to the witch Medea, who made a powerful potion which put this dragon to sleep.

To be quite honest, I myself didn’t know much about some of these beasts until I started researching materials for this game.

This is one of the things that keep us excited about this game. The more we search, the more we find and we also get more amazed.

Stories of our ancestors are so amazing that they not just deserve, they need to be retold, and that is exactly what we intend to do.


Has Ancient Persia proven to be intriguing in the previous posts? Yes? Then why stop now?

Ancient Persia had many unique Mythical Creatures. This civilization’s mythology hasn’t been used too much in media, and the most probable reason is that it isn’t very well known around the world.

If you want to find out more about it, you must specifically for it. Chances that you will run into a story that makes a parallel with Persian mythology or mentions its philosophy are very slim.

However, the more we researched about this civilization’s mythology, the more fascinated we were by its pure awesomeness.

There were many mythical creatures that were unique to the Persian myths. There are also some Mythical Creatures whose origin is in Persian’s mythology but was later adopted by other civilizations’ mythologies.

For example, did you know that Manticore (which is heavily promoted as a Greek mythical creature) is actually a Persian mythical creature?

We will give our best to remain as historically and mythological accurate as we can, while at the same time create a game that is extremely enjoyable and fun to play.

Now we have seen that there will be a different God system for Persia compared to the one for Greece and Rome. This was explained in a lot more detail in the Gods article, but the main reason for this is that in Persian mythology there was a clear division between Good and Evil.

So, if you are to choose between Good and Evil Gods, it is only fitting to be able to use either good or evil monster, depending on your god choice.

So if you choose the side of Good and follow the way of Ahura Mazda then you will be able to recruit some amazing Mythical Creatures.

However, if you decide to follow the path of Evil and destruction, which is shown by Supreme god Ahriman, then you will be able to recruit some destructive demonic beings.

Will you go to the side of good and recruit legendary Simurgh, a creature in the shape of a bird, gigantic enough to carry off an elephant or a whale?  Will you recruit Divs, a Persian Mythical race of creatures with horns and monstrous looks and powers?

Or will you go to the side of Evil and recruit legendary Azi Dahaka, created by Ahriman to aid him in his dark deeds, a demon transformed into a dragon that sets fire to all that exists and any humans which get in his way?

The choice is all yours and it is your decisions that will have an effect on both your in-game experience, as well as on the entire World of Champions of Gods.



With this said possibilities in this game are something to look forward to.

You can have all of these Mythical Creatures fighting at your side, and you can also clash with them in the epic battles. You can even have the clash of different Mythical Creatures.

Join us on this awesome journey and tell your side of the story.


How can you join us on this amazing journey?

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