The Greatest Warriors of All Time – Spartan Hoplites, Roman Legionnaires and Persian Immortals


War was the way of life in the ancient times.

An insane number of warriors has fought on the battlefields throughout the years. In ancient battles, you had to be very skillful in order to gain the upper hand on your enemies. There was a huge number of different types of warrior units and many of them had their own unique battle tactics, which they used in order to defeat their enemies.

However, regardless of the unpredictable nature of war, there were certain elite and unique groups of warriors that stood out from the rest.

Warriors on whose sacrifice these great civilizations were built.

These warriors became legendary and are definitely the top contenders for the title of the greatest warrior forces of all time.

Let’s get to know them a bit better.


Spartan Hoplites


A city-state of professional warriors.

Born and bred for war.

Anyone who faced the Spartans would probably not remember that battle…


Because they wouldn’t make out of it alive.

Probably the strongest of all the ancient warriors, they struck fear in hearts of their enemies, with a mere mention of their name.

What made Spartans such a devastating warrior race?

Let’s begin with their childhood.

Spartans were awesome and ruthless warriors, no doubt about that. However, their childhoods were gruesome, to say the least. When born a Spartan was inspected. If any imperfections or deformities were found on his body, he would be discarded.

At the age of seven, boys were taken from their homes and were sent to the military camp called the Agoge. They became used to hardship and were provided only with scant food and clothing. This also encouraged them to steal, and if they were caught, they were punished. Ironically, not for stealing, but for getting caught.

As they got older their training became harder and harder. At the age of 20, they would become members of the Spartan army.

Spartans had many epic battles over the years.

Even in defeat, they would make it look like they won.

Testament to this is their legendary battle against none other than Persians (who are also part of this game, coincidence?). With mere number of 300 Spartan warriors (and a small number of Greek warriors from other city-states) they were able to hold off a sea of Persian warriors, for more than three days and killing thousands in process.

If that wasn’t already a heroic feat of strength, what made this moment legendary was their feat of courage. Upon learning that the Persian army found a way to come behind their backs, other Greek warriors decided to flee from the battlefield.

But not Spartans.

They craved glorious death more than their lives and they loved their freedom even more.

So in the last stand at the Thermopylae 300 Spartans, along with their king Leonidas, met their glorious death.

Their heroic defense of freedom echoed so strong through the ancient world, that it united the feuded Greek city-states against Persian Empire. Talk about badass.

They had many glorious victories with the most notables probably being battles of Plataea and Marathon.

What Spartans also had is their awesome phalanx battle formation.

Phalanx was a formation in which the hoplites would line up in ranks in close order. The hoplites would lock their shields together, and the first few ranks of soldiers would project their spears out over the first rank of shields.

The phalanx, therefore, presented a shield wall and a mass of spear points to the enemy, making frontal assaults against it very difficult. It also allowed a higher proportion of the soldiers to be actively engaged in combat at a given time.

Spartans were one of the toughest warriors that have ever existed and their epic deeds are the proof of that.


Roman Legionnaires

Since we are talking about the greatest warrior of all time, how can we not mention Roman Legionnaires?

A group of elite warriors that has, at one point, conquered almost the entire known world. Now, that wasn’t an easy feat to accomplish, to say the least, and without these extremely skilled warriors, such a feat would be impossible.

How did they become so efficient?

In the early part of the Roman empire’s history, they adopted battle tactics from the other civilizations that had more battle experience. This was until the Roman military suffered a disastrous defeat  of 390 BC at the Battle of the Allia. Rome’s army, at that point in time, was organised similarly to the Greek Phalanx.

The real advancement in the warfare efficiency of the Roman Empire comes with the forming of professional battle units called Legions.

On the march in unfriendly terrain, the legionary would bring a lot of equipment with them. Their most usual equipment was body armor, shield (scutum),  helmet (galea), two javelins, a short sword (gladius) and a  dagger (pugio). They would also bring food supplies.

Their battle tactics were extremely efficient in their conquests. Their most famous battle strategy was their battle formation, called the testudo (tortoise).

In the testudo formation, men would align their shields to form a packed formation covered with shields on the front and top. The first row of men, possibly excluding the men on the flanks, would hold their shields from about the height of their shins to their eyes, so as to cover the formation’s front. The shields would be held in such a way that they presented a shield wall to all sides and even above their heads.

Romans’ had one of the most efficient militaries of all time. Their battle records prove it. From the conquest of Italy , to Gaulic and Punic wars, Romans’ had great military successes. Their war history is well documented and one to be amazed by.

In Champions of Gods, Roman Legions will march again.

Be warned all who dare oppose them!


Persian immortals

And here you thought that we can’t find anyone to compete with the previous two giants in the world of the best warrior races. Well, these guys can certainly stake their claim for the top spot.

The Persian elite warrior unit.

The deadliest warrior race in all of Asia,

The Immortals.

The Immortals played an important role in Persian history, acting as both the Imperial Guard and the standing army during the wars of the Persian Empire.They were called Immortals because of the way in which the army was formed.

Immortal army consisted of a heavy infantry of 10,000 men, that never reduced in number or strength. When a member of the 10,000-strong force was killed or wounded, he was immediately replaced by someone else. This allowed for the infantry to remain cohesive and consistent in numbers, no matter what happened. Thus, from an outsider’s perspective, it would appear that each member of the infantry was ‘immortal’, and their replacement may have represented a resurrection of sorts.

It is said that compared to the Greeks, the Immortals were “hardly armored”.

Yet what they lacked in armor, they made up through psychological impact, as the sight of the well-formed and highly trained army was enough to strike fear into their enemies. Count in their immortality effect and you would realize why their enemies had a hard time believing in the possibility of victory.

Persians had a great war history in Asia.

From Cyrus the Great’s creation of the Persian Empire to conquests of Lydia and Asia Minor, his conquest of Babylon, and Darius’s conquest of the India Valley are just some of the Persian Empire’s successful military campaigns.

At one point in time, they had almost half of the world’s population under their rule.

However, their most popular battles were the ones in which they suffered great losses like Greco-Persian war. That is one of the reasons why Persian Immortals are considered to be weaker than the other warriors in this article.

However, there is one thing that everyone keeps forgetting. Persian immortals were units specialized for battle in Asia. The warm weather and deserts were their natural battleground conditions. They wore no body armor, because they wouldn’t be able to bread properly and they would be inefficient in those conditions. So, when they came to Europe they were unprepared for this type of warfare.

Now, if they were to fight in Asia, I would bet my money on the Immortals.

Regardless, of everything, Persian immortals have faithfully served their empire and their stories have stood the test of time. So in a way, they became truly immortal!



The awesomeness of these ancient warrior units is evident from the first look and each one of these has a legit claim for the title of the greatest warrior forces of all time. These warriors were the foundation of strength of their respective civilization and their amazing deeds will never bee forgotten.

These are the things which we want to bring with Champions of Gods, interesting, what if situations. What if the Persians were better prepared for their war against Greeks? What if these awesome warriors battled? How would this battle of epic proportions would look like and which one of them would have stood victorious? 

Fantasy warfare becomes reality.

We can witness moments that until recently were only creations of our own imaginations. Epic battles will happen and epic moments will blow our minds

One thing is for sure. The fun and enjoyment will be endless 🙂


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