How to Create an Awesome Kickstarter Video

Is it justified to begin analysis of different parts of Kickstarter campaign with a Kickstarter video? I mean, after all, it is not mandatory to include one in your campaign…

Well, it should be!!!


Every successful Kickstarter campaign had one, and if you want to have a successful Kickstarter campaign it is a must for you as well.

Why is the video so important? Why do we put so much emphasis on it?

It is because video allows you to accomplish a lot more than any other type of content. You can use video in abundance of creative ways, like:

  • Show your game’s features,
  • your personal side and connect with people,
  • show players testing your game and much more.

These are just some of the advantages which Kickstarter video enables you.

Kickstarter video is your strongest conversion tool for people that are just learning about your project into full-fledged backers.

There have been many Kickstarter projects that haven’t utilized this powerful asset and have failed to realize their dream. We have already talked about the campaigns that have utilized text pitch only and met a horrifying faith of not being noticed at all.

However in this section, we will focus more on those campaigns that had created their video pitch, but they just didn’t do it right. Of course, some of you might ask:

“How can you say if a Kickstarter video is done right or wrong? These are creative videos, and they all provoke people’s minds in their own different and unique ways and as such, they can’t be measured in terms of right or wrong”.

You would be absolutely right to think this way.

Creativity is something that can’t be standardized and measured in a unified way.

However, what we can do is discuss some general concepts of creating a Kickstarter video pitch which should be respected.

When these concepts are applied to your video, your creativity (no matter in which direction it goes) will be able to reach the maximum of its potential.


Creation of the Kickstarter video can be separated into five phases:

  1. Thinking of the general concept for your video
  2. What will be said in the video
  3. Text Optimization
  4. How will things look on the screen
  5. Filming the video.

Thinking of the general concept for your video

You must think about the general concept of your video. You can do this by asking yourself some basic questions, such as:

  • What is my project about and what are its three(at least) major selling points?

Here you are trying to explain your project because you will have to be able to do that with ease if you are going to talk to a larger audience. What you are also trying to do is to find your major selling points. These are the things that make your game stand out the most and then use these as the base for your pitches.


  • What do I want to accomplish with this video?

Now, it is clear to everyone that the point of this video is to get those who are watching to back the project. However, here you should think of, how would you like your audience to feel after watching your video: amazed, astonished, like they know you for a long time and similar. Depending on this answer you will go with a more personal approach, talking more about the game and so on…


  • What is my target audience?

The Internet has opened doors to all the people of the world. With google, facebook, twitter, and others it was never easier to reach all the people of the world. However, now there is a new problem that appears, which is how to find the specific audience that would be interested in supporting our game. We can’t say that we know the exact type of person that would be interested in playing our game. However, what we can do is narrow the world down to the groups of people most likely to support our project, through their interests, hobbies, age and so on.


  • What is the general message that I want to send?

This is more like overall message, not just for your Kickstarter campaign, but also for your social media profiles as well. Are you the young revolutionaries? Are you the veterans that wish to bring something new? This overall message has to always be kept in the mind.


  • What is the tone of the video, which would be best suited to spread the wanted message to our target audience?

This is essentially meant to determine the approach which you are going to take for the introduction of your project to your potential backers. This is where you will use your target audience to determine what would be the best way to approach them.
If you are making a comedy game, the best would be a comic approach, a world war 2 game would take a more serious approach and so on.


Once that you have these basic questions answered, then you can proceed to the second step:

What are we going to say?


Now, this would seem very easy on the first look. We know what our project is all about, we know why it is so awesome and we know if everyone knew what we do, they would be excited about this project as much as we are. However, once that you get deep into creating your video, you will start to notice there are many different things on which you should pay very close attention. If you were to ignore these things, you might risk your message being misinterpreted, not interesting enough or not heard at all.

So, let us start doing things in order, the right way.


The first draft

While thinking of what you are going to say, the first thing tat you should be aware of is the fact that you will be doing more than one draft for your Kickstarter video.
So what my first tip is, is that when you are making your first video draft is go long in the description. You should put everything that you think is important about your game. You should point out your major selling points and describe what the essence of your game is. After you have done this, you will have a very clear picture of what exactly you want to say to your fans through this video.

Things to have in mind while writing your draft

The point of your first draft is to get all you have on the paper. You shouldn’t pay attention to many details while doing this. However, you should be aware of some basic things that will help you in creating a better base for your Video Pitch.

First of all, you should think about:


Time limitation

Now, while we all know that there is no real time limitation, you should be aware that one of the main things to watch in your Kickstarter video pitch is to say everything you need to say to get your fans excited and ready to back your project, in the least amount of time possible!!!

This is very important of course because first of all people don’t like to watch very long videos. Second, the longer it takes to explain something, the greater are the chances that people will get confused, lose interest or get tired and will not back your campaign.

Now, most Kickstarter research says that the max length of the Kickstarter video should be  2 minutes long max.
However, there is one thing you should know: “All of these researches were done by calculating the average length of the most successful campaigns’ videos, from all the Kickstarter categories”. What this means is that in these research were included many 1 minute long videos from other Kickstarter categories.

So what does this mean for the best length for a game Kickstarter video?

This means that a video for the Kickstarter video game can be longer than 2 minutes, and they have proven to bring success to many video game creators.
The reason why this can and a lot of times has to be done, is because video game Kickstarter projects a lot of times don’t have a working version of the game (it would help if they had it, but usually they don’t), so they need more time in order to describe their game and share its essence with their potential backers.


Attention span of viewers

What you must also be aware of the “attention span of viewers”. What most of the researches show is that you have 15 sec period, during which you must grab the viewer’s attention, otherwise they will not watch the rest of your video.
So, doing something that would astonish, amaze, make them laugh or feel sad, will be the trigger for them to give you the chance, and to watch your video.

This can be done in many different ways like:

  • asking them a question
  • showing a short gameplay
  • cutscenes video
  • opening with a joke and so on.

It all depends on the tone of the video that you chose and your creativity.

Now, you know how to grab your viewers’ attention.

However, holding their attention is just the first step. You have to build on it.

In order to do this, you must optimize your video to be right on spot and connect with your audience.


Text Optimization

Then comes the phase 2 of making the text for the video.

What you are trying to accomplish here is to reduce a number of words which you will use in your video, while trying to keep it as effective and as on point as you can.
This phase also intertwines with the part of thinking about what will be on the screen as well. You should always have the general picture of what will be shown on the screen, on your mind, but at this phase, you should think about it even more. Through some scenes of the video, you could showcase things that would, not only make your point more clear but also make some of your sentences unnecessary, and therefore your video much more effective.

So, after you reduce the number of words that you are going to use, comes the most difficult part.

The part in which you have to say goodbye to some of your sentences. This is difficult because you have just reduced your word count to what you thought was the bare minimum, and now you have to reduce them even more. What you have to remember is that it is not the point “to say everything you know about something”, but to say the most, by using the least words”. A lot of them won’t make it to the final cut, but if you keep having your key selling points and the message which you want to send to your fans, on your mind, you will be successful in creating an awesome Kickstarter video pitch.

What you should also know, is that everything that happens in that video must go smoothly.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that everything in the video must look and sound natural. Everything you talk about must come out naturally. What you were talking about before must have a natural transition to the things that you are saying now. You can’t be talking about wildlife and talk about buildings and construction, without making linking sentences between them. Though this may seem trivial to you, many creators have fallen into this very trap.

The reason why this is so bad is because it looks like you are just numbering things, like:

“our game will have the revolutionary hunting mechanism, it will have huge forests, it will have cabins in which your character can live”. This sounds so confusing.

Instead, you could say something like this:

“Your character can live in cabins in forests. In these forests, you will be able to test our revolutionary hunting mechanism”.

Can you tell a difference?

The first sentence just piles up information, while the second is smoothly telling the story and spreading your message.

Don’t allow small mistakes like this stop your project from succeeding.


What will be shown on the screen?

By now, you should have a general idea about this part, but now is the time to start working on the details.

The point of this part is to make everything that is happening on screen match with what you are saying and at the same time emphasize your message.

You must think about things like:

  • Are you are going to be the one on screen talking, or will it be more guys from the group?
  • How long will people be on screen and how long will some materials like screenshots or gameplay be on.
  • Where you are going to shoot and so on.

There are many decisions to be made in this phase. This is the part in which your creativity comes out the most. Therefore, I will not be giving you a very detailed explanation of this

Therefore, I will not be giving you a very detailed explanation of this phase because I don’t want to bind your imagination in any way.

What I will give you, however, is few tips, which will help you in making the right decisions.

For example, while you are choosing who is going to speak, the persons that you choose should first of all have a working knowledge of the english language, and the one that is saying the most should speak fluent English. Even though a lot of people would say that not fluent English wasn’t the main reason why they decided not to back a project, it certainly did affect their decision.

It isn’t really comfortable listening to someone who doesn’t speak the language properly, especially for longer videos.

This could be one of the triggers for the people to leave your campaign page without backing your project.

While creating humorous scenes, you should give your best to do it in a style that is natural to you as well as to limit these scenes to a certain time.

The reason why you should go with a natural humor is because then you will most probably come across as humorous, while something that isn’t natural to you can come off as forced and fake in the eyes of your potential backers.

The reason why you should limit your humor in the video is because a lot of times people can come unserious and through that will look as less competent.

So your video can have a humorous tone, but it shouldn’t be all joke, coz it could very much turn you into one.

What I would also recommend is a mix of both materials footage (artworks, screenshots, gameplay videos) and personal footage. The reason behind this is because people get moved by the awesome things they see, but in the end “people buy from people”.

The rest is all up to you and your awesome creativity and imagination.


Filming the Video

There are many articles that are talking about this part of creating a Kickstarter (or any) video.

I am not a professional video creator, so I can’t give you specifics about the execution part of creating a video. However what I can share with you is the thing that was done by the most of the very successful Kickstarter campaigns.

The best thing to do is to find someone professional to help you with this part. Here are just some of the reasons:

  • The video of the Kickstarter campaigns, even though it doesn’t have to look professional, it should be of high quality. There is nothing worse than trying to watch a video while seeing pixels on the screen, or listening to some broken sound. Don’t allow that to happen to you.
  • Finding the best angles
  • Finding the best places for the scenes
  • Utilization of the special effects (if necessary) and a lot more.

One tip is also not to overuse the special effects. Even though they could help your video look more awesome, Kickstarter is the place where people want to see the real you, so special effects could be considered as overdoing it.


With all of this said, we are coming to a conclusion of this article.

However, before you go, there are some additional tips which I would like to share with you and some ideas which you can use:

  • Share your personal side. You don’t have to be insanely emotional, but showing off your human side makes you more relatable, so you should definitely do it.
  • Make your major selling points known
  • Don’t be like a regular seller. Sell in a non-sealesy way
  • Tell your backers exactly what you need them to do, and if they liked your project, they will do it, because they want to see your campaign succeed almost as much as you do.

Oh and another thing. You are not begging people to back your project, you are asking them.

What this means is that you would like them to join your project, but you aren’t begging them for it.People that are begging come off as desperate and are often labeled as not competent enough, so people won’t give them their support.

Don’t be that guy!

I hope that this article can help you in creating your Kickstarter video and that it will help you make your dream a reality.

If you haven’t read our first article about the Kickstarter campaigns, you definitely should, because it will guide you into the right direction and give you a great overview of what a Kickstarter campaign needs in order to become a success.

We will also be talking about other parts of the Kickstarter campaign, such as text pitch, rewards, updates, promotion and more. So stay tuned and follow us on our blog and social media profiles. And we will see you soon on Kickstarter.


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