Champions of Gods – The Gods


Every ancient civilization had their own beliefs and stories of how the world came to be.

Depending on the civilization and its religious believes the stories were different.

However, there was one thing that was common to all of these stories. That one thing was the existence of almighty divine beings.

Of course, we are talking about Gods.

In the ancient world, Gods were responsible for everything. Every situation that was escaping the minds of people in the ancient times was explained as the work of some mythical divine beings.

Polytheism was a very widely spread idea and belief among the ancient civilizations in this time period.

Everything was created by the Gods, and everything could be destroyed by them. They gave life to all beings, from the smallest to the biggest. Fire, water, earth, wind and pretty much everything was under their control and at the mercy of their whims.

The creators of life on earth were also beings who didn’t take kindly any form of disobedience from the beings they created. Stories of them punishing those who didn’t obey their will are retold by generations even till this day.

Humans worshiped these Gods and whenever they needed help, they would turn to their Gods and pray for some kind of divine assistance. Whether it was for a good harvest, good weather or luck in war, Gods assistance was asked.  They were the ones to be feared, respected, and above all worshiped.

Gods are major characters in Champions of Gods.

They are the reason behind everything that is happening in this world. Every civilization has their own Pantheon of Gods which they worship.

In the world of Champions of Gods, these Gods are the ones that have created a new world on which they will finally get the answer to the question which hasn’t been answered for many millennia.

Which one of these Pantheons of Gods is the strongest?

In order to do this, they’ve resurrected their most loyal worshipers, and placed them on this new Battleworld, to wage war for the Glory of their Gods. All wars are fought in their name and great rewards await those who spread the glory of their Gods.

A high-stakes war game between the Gods, in which human lives are being sacrificed and the Ultimate prize is Earth itself, is about to begin.

In each one of your cities, you will be able to choose one of the Gods to worship.

By worshiping one of these Gods you will be earning the favor of this God. You will be able to use this favor in many amazing ways.

For example, you will be able to activate awesome divine abilities, unique to each God. You will also be able to enact wonders to help your empire grow, to increase the strength of your troops, demoralize your enemies and much more.

Not only that, but you will also be able to use this favor in order to bring some of the awesome mythical creatures to join your side. These creatures will be some of your most important and most dangerous beings which will help you became a force to be reckoned with.

Now, let’s talk a bit more about these divine beings.


Greek Gods

Probably the most famous Pantheon of Gods is the Greek Pantheon of Gods.

Ruling from Mount Olympus, these gods are the ones in whose name all Greeks go to war.

Mighty Olympians have fought their way to dominance. They removed the Titans from the throne and then claimed the World for themselves.

After a great battle versus the Titans (Titanomachy) the Gods have imprisoned the Titans in the Pits of Tartarus. From that point on the Olympians were the main force on Earth.

In the Greek mythology, there was no clear division between Gods on good and evil. Even though they were almighty beings, they also experienced human-like emotions, and that included both good and bad.

There were many cases in which you could feel love, dedication, and compassion of the Gods, but on the other hand, there were lots of times where you could find rage, jealousy, and hate.

The immortal Gods thought that it would be interesting to create beings similar to them, but mortal, and let it inhabit Earth. As soon as mortals were created, Zeus, the leader of the Olympians, ordered Prometheus and Epimetheus (the two Titans which weren’t imprisoned in the Pits of Tartarus), to give these beings various gifts in hope that mortals would evolve into interesting beings, able to amuse the Gods.

In Champions of Gods, many of these awesome divine beings will be gracing us with their almighty presence.

You will be able to worship them in every city and in each one of them will give you different special abilities which will help you to progress in the game.

You will be able to worship Almighty Zeus God of the skies, Poseidon God of the Seas, Hades God of the Underworld, Athena Goddess of wisdom and many others.


Roman Gods

Now, as most of you already know, Romans, after conquering what was left of the Hellenistic world, have adopted most of the Greek deities and myths. In many cases, there was just a change of name.

However what most people don’t know (and that is because these things aren’t often mentioned and can’t be found without specifically searching for them) is that Romans also had some deities that were unique to their mythology and which, even after this adoption of the Greek Gods, remained in power and remained worshiped.

Probably the greatest example of these Roman Gods is none other than the supreme God Janus.

Janus is the god of beginnings and endings, transitions, doors, basically anything that has two different but complementary functions.

Even though Olympians ruled the World, Janus was considered to be even more powerful than the Almighty Supreme God Jupiter (Zeus). Being able to control all of these things is amazing. It was said that he is so powerful, that he could actually lock Zeus on the Mount Olympus and Hades in the Underworld. Now, that kind of power is absolutely insane.

What we will also try to do, in Champions of Gods, is to bring forth the Gods which were more worshiped in Rome than they were in Ancient Greece. One such example is the goddess of victory Nike, which was one of the most important Gods in the Ancient Rome.

Of course, the most worshiped Gods, such as Jupiter and Mars, will be present in the Roman Pantheon.

We wanted to showcase, not only some of the adopted Greek Deities, but also some of the deities that were worshiped by Romans only. This was done to both: showcase some unique things about Roman Empire’s mythology, as well as to make playing with different civilizations more interesting.


Persian Gods

Persian Gods and Goddesses distribute along 8000 years of history.

Persians had Multi Gods just like many other civilizations of that time.

However, somewhere after 728 DC (this period in the history of Persian Empire is called “The Kingdom Era”) when Zoroastrianism hit the screen, Zoroastrians primarily believed in two major forces of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.

The rest of the Gods became less important and somewhat vanished!

Once Zoroastrianism became a major religion of Persians, eventually, Zoroastrians only recognized the two forces of Ahura Mazda and Ahriman.

The Zoroastrian creation myth says that in the beginning, there was nothing in the world but the Good Spirit Ahura Mazda, who lived in the Endless Light and the evil Evil Spirit Ahriman, who lived in the Absolute Darkness. In between these realms was emptiness.

Ahura Mazda and Ahriman both had their faithful servants which fought in their name.

They each had their 7 most loyal servants who had immense powers. These angels (called Amesha Spentas) and demons (called Daevas(male) and Drugs(female)) were the ones through which Supreme Gods Ahura Mazda and Ahriman connected with the world.

In Champions of Gods, Persian Gods’ system will be a little bit different than the one which Greeks and Romans have.

Sine there is a clear divide between good and evil (unlike in Greek and Roman mythology), once you are in the game, you will be offered a choice between good and evil.

You will be given a choice to worship Ahura Mazda or Ahriman as your Supreme God. Depending on your choice you will be able to worship different divine beings and use different abilities.

Will you choose to follow the holy way of Ahura Mazda and Amesha Spentas, or will you choose the path of chaos and destruction of Ahriman, Daevas, and Drugs? Once that you are worshipping all 7 Amesha Spentas (Daevas and Drugs) you will be able to unlock the ultimate abilities of Ahura Mazda (Ahriman).

This is just another example through which you can see that Champions of Gods is trying to both: remain true to the stories of the Ancient Civilizations and expand on the in-game possibilities and options which players can use in any way they want.



With all of this said, we hope that with Champions of Gods we can offer something different, new and exciting.

We want to bring a game that doesn’t feel repetitive each time you play it, that is easy to learn to play, but very difficult to master.

The strategy is probably the most important factor to become the best in this game, but our biggest goal is to make a game that brings you fun and enjoyment every time you play it.


How can you join us on this amazing journey?

Creating Champions of Gods and bringing all of these legendary civilizations, their mythologies and awesome characters to life is dream come true for many of us, and we hope that it is for you as well.

We want Champions of Gods to be one of the first games that were truly created by its community.

We will soon be coming to Kickstarter and your support would mean a lot to us.

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