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What is Champions of Gods?


Persian Palace in Champions of Gods


If we want to explain what Champions of Gods truly is, in a proper way, we must start from the core and the very essence of this video game.

If I was to define this game’s essence, I would define it like this:

Champions of Gods is a strategically challenging and deeply immersive MMO RTS Game set in the world of the Ancient Civilizations, Gods, Heroes and Mythical Creatures.

This game is all of this, and yet so much more. It is a story of the never ending Godly feuds.

It is a story of Great Heroes being reborn to spread the Glory of their Gods and it is also a story of Awesome Leaders (the Players) battling for supremacy, in order to become the new Champions of Gods.

Champions of Gods is a Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game, which means thousands of players from across the world playing together (enemies or allies, it is up to you) at the same time.
This also means that every single thing you do will have an impact on the game and the world of Champions of Gods.

You can grow your cities and create an empire that will spread your glory across the world. Conquer a city from your enemies; create the largest army that the world has ever seen; defeat a World Boss.

World of Champions of Gods is the world of endless possibilities!


The World and Story


Basilisk is a Roman legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance.


Champions of Gods brings you the world, which you’ve always dreamed about.

Champions of Gods is the first MMO RTS game which combines histories and mythologies of the strongest ancient civilizations into one awesome new world, in which anything can happen.

All of these different civilizations’ mythologies become realities that coexist at the same time.

Your ultimate mission is to become the new Champion of  Gods.


After many disputes amongst the Gods about which Pantheon was the most powerful, and who should rule which part of the Earth, they have decided to solve these arguments once and for all.

How can they do it?

Since the battles amongst the Gods are forbidden (because those could shake the very foundation of the universe), the Gods had to find a new way to solve this problem.

They decided to create a new world in which all of the civilizations that have been their most loyal worshipers throughout the ages will go to war to prove the supremacy of their Gods.


Civilizations and Characters


Achilles is one of the greatest warriors that have ever existed. Champions of Gods


Starting civilizations in Champions of Gods are Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome or Ancient Persia.

We wanted to bring something new and something not seen before.

We have to point out that this is the First MMO RTS game that has ever featured Persia as a playable civilization. Champion of Gods will also be the first game that has ever deeply explored the Persian religion called Zoroastrianism with their Gods, Mythical Creatures, and Heroes.

In Champions of Gods, you will be able to choose between supreme Gods: Zeus, Jupiter, and Ahura Mazda.

You will be able to recruit larger than life Heroes such as Achilles, Hercules, Spartacus, Caesar, Rostam, and Xerxes.

Mythical creatures like Minotaur, Chimera, Hydra, Basilisk, and Manticore will also be there to aid you in your quests;

As well as legendary warriors on whose sacrifice these great civilizations were built on, such as Spartan Hoplites, Roman legionnaires, and Persian Immortals.

We wanted to bring both classic and fantasy warfare and make them into reality.

The awesome war between Greeks and Persians can be relieved, and at the same time, you can have fantasy war, like Romans versus Persians.

Leonidas’s Spartans can collide with Caesar’s Legionnaires.

You can have Achilles battle Spartacus, or you can even have them join forces and battle creatures like Hydra, Minotaur, and Basilisk.

The possibilities are nearly limitless and fun is guaranteed.


Innovative Gameplay


An epic sea battle between Romans, Persians and Greeks. The winner will have an eternal glory whose name will be rememberd as he becomes the new Champion of Gods


There are many innovative gameplay mechanics that Champions of Gods brings to the table.

We will be discussing many of these innovations in a lot greater detail in the posts to come.

What we must mention is the most notable one among them, the new Champions of Gods battle system.
Battles in Champions of Gods will definitely be unique and strategically challenging.

In Champions of Gods, YOU will be able to see huge group battles, 20vs20, 50vs50 players.

Attacks landing one by one are no fun, but huge battles are!

You will be able to develop lots of pre-battle strategies as well as to control your units on the battlefield and use many tactics like Hero’s abilities and troop’s battle formations.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

What we also want to accomplish is to make playing with different civilization a different and unique experience.

In many games, you are offered to play with more civilizations, but in the end, the only difference between these turns out to be just their visual appearances…

In Champions of Gods, playing with a different civilization will have a different feeling every time you play the game.

This is because every civilization has their own unique characteristics, from the Unique Heroes and abilities, unique Mythological Creatures and different mythological concepts.

For example, in Persian mythology, there is a clear division between Good and Evil Gods, which doesn’t exist in Greek and Roman mythology.

With that said, while playing with Persian civilizations, choosing which Gods you are going to serve (Good or Evil) will have very interesting in-game effects.

We will talk about these in a much greater detail in posts to come.


Who are we?


Now, you might be wondering, who are the guys behind Champions of Gods?

We are a team made of both young talents and people with experience in the game development.

Growing up playing games, such as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology and later games like Total War, Civilization made us fall in love with strategy games.

Add in our fascination with histories and mythological stories and beliefs of the ancient civilizations and you can clearly see how we came up with the idea for this game :).

Therefore, one of our core principles while coming up with the idea of this game was to give our best to pay homage to these great civilizations and at the same time create an awesome, exciting and fun, new world in which all of their mythologies could actually coexist with their histories.

We have a very clear vision of both: how the game will look in the end, as well as of what will be necessary to finish it and Kickstarter will be just the first step in making this project a reality.

MMO RTS is a genre that has huge unused potential.

We have made it our mission to tap into that unused potential, bring change and reignite the fire of this genre.

With this said, Our Ultimate Goal is to create the first ever Multi-Civilizational and Multi-Mythological MMO RTS game which will be both Extremely Fun to Play and Honor histories and mythologies of our ancestors.


How can you Join us on this amazing journey?


We hope that we’ve succeeded in our attempt to share with you, our vision of what kind of game Champions of Gods is going to be.

Creating this game and bringing all of these legendary civilizations, their mythologies and awesome characters to life is dream come true for many of us, and we hope that it is for you as well.

If you like Champions of Gods and if you like what we are all about, and you want to join us on this amazing journey, here are some simple and yet important things that you can do:

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Because in the end you enjoying and having fun while playing this game, will truly be our greatest success!

Thank you very much for all your support.


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