Champions of Gods – The Epic Heroes


Since the ancient times, Heroes have existed.

When we say Hero, we usually remember the people who are ready to save someone without thinking about their own lives. However, that is just one type of Hero.

Heroes can also be great leaders and warriors, the people who are best at what they do because through their excellence they inspire other people to reach the pinnacle of their potential.

Tales of the Heroes from the ancient times are retold even to this very day.

During the course of history, there were many Heroes that have emerged from the obscurity and cemented their places in history.

There were many great warriors who have proven their worth as being unbeatable on the battlefield; kings and emperors who proved that they can lead their people to prosperity and glory; mythical Heroes whose great deeds and epic journeys were so awesome and influential, that they still serve as a source of inspiration for many things (movies, series, books, you name it).

In Champions of Gods, we wanted to open the door to possibilities. We wanted to create a game that will allow all of these great Heroes to exist in one world.

Champions of Gods, in its most basic form, is a strategic, empire building, game, but we also wanted to give all the players the pleasure of experiencing the life of a Hero.

With that said in Champions of Gods Heroes will have a Major role. First and foremost they will be special beings which will have many abilities (the ones that you can actually activate and use, not like in many other MMORTS where they serve only as a passive bonus to the city).

You will be able to recruit many of them and they will take their rightful place as the leaders of your troops on the battlefield. You will be able to equip them with amazing items which will give you some awesome abilities and increase your Hero’s strength.

What you will also be able to do, is to send these Heroes on many epic quests. You will be battling armies, mythical creatures, and who knows, maybe even some Titans (shhh it’s a secret). You will also be getting great rewards for these quests. Although don’t be naive, quests of some lower difficulty will be easy, but the higher ones will not be all bark and no bite.

When we say that Champions of Gods is a game that offers a huge number of possibilities, we aren’t exaggerating.

Does having Leonidas lead your Spartan armies into battle with Roman Legionnaires lead by Caesar, sound interesting? How about Achilles facing off one on one with Spartacus? Romans fighting Xerxes’s huge army? Or even Achilles, Hercules and Leonidas joining forces versus hordes of Minotaurs, Hydras, and Chimeras?

When we said that we were bending Time, Space and Reality in order to bring you the best possible game experience, this is exactly what we were talking about.

Champions of Gods brings fantasy warfare to life, with an almost endless number of possibilities for you to explore and enjoy.

Should we talk more about Heroes now? Yes? Let’s do it then.


Ancient Greece is filled with so many awesome Heroic stories that it is hard to just choose some and leave out the rest. If we look through history we can find many great warriors, tacticians, and kings.

If we talk about great Warriors of the ancient Greece, we couldn’t start this conversation, without mentioning the mighty Achilles. The greatest warrior is a moniker which he earned by being unbeatable on the battlefield.

Most notable is, of course, his role in Trojan War. He was furiously defeated all of those who tried to stand in his way. Just another example of his influence on the outcome of this war is the fact that once he decided not to participate in the war anymore, Greeks had lost their advantage. Not convinced yet? How about an epic battle versus the greatest Trojan warrior Hector? Even he stood no chance against Achilles.

Hm, who else do we got here? I don’t know, maybe the mastermind behind one of the greatest tricks ever played by a man, Odysseus? Odysseus as you all know actually came up with the amazing idea of making a Trojan Horse. Knowing that the Trojans respected the Gods a lot, he assumed that they would have to respect a tribute that was left there (and they probably wanted to put it inside of the city as a victory trophy). This is one of the earliest examples through which we learned that you don’t always win by brute strength, but with a creative mind as well.

Now then we had enough of Trojan War Heroes? Fine, then let’s go few hundred years in the future and start talking about Greco-Persian wars. Many men came out of this war as Heroes.

However, no matter who do we mention, there is no one that has left a greater mark in this war than King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans. Talk about a battle against all odds. Having an epic battle versus a monstrous Persian army led by King Xerxes I (we will talk about him in the Persian part of this article) at the Thermopylae with an army consisting of 300 Spartans and surviving for 3 full days is a feat which could be accomplished by no one but Spartans. Add in a “no retreat, no surrender” Spartan law as a message that has riled up the entire Greece to arms, and you have one of the greatest Heroes that has ever lived.

Shall we mention some mythological Heroes now?

Well, this conversation must start with one and only, Hercules. Demi-god, son of Zeus, was as powerful as one can be. He has many heroic deeds to boast with, from which the most known are his twelve labors. Some of these labors include tasks like slaying monsters such as Hydra and Nemean Lion or taming three headed dog – Cerberus, so you can already realize what kind of Hero we are talking here.
Greek mythology is rich with heroes. For example, we have Jason, Medea, Perseus, Atalanta and many more, who we will include in Champions of Gods.


I had to stop talking about Greek Heroes because I could have spent the entire day talking about them. So, let us now turn our focus to Roman Heroes.

We will start with Roman Mythological Heroes. We have already talked about the fact that Romans have adopted Greek’s mythology as their own. So what we could do, is just add all of the Greek Mythological Heroes to Rome’s Heroes and end it there. However, that would be just lazy and it would diminish what we are trying to create here.The reason why we will not do that is

Also, another reason why we will not do this is that Romans have interesting myths of their own which will give us more than enough characters to fill their Hero roster. So let us talk about the Creation of Rome.

Two founding legends exist – Romulus and Remus, and Aeneas.

Rather than contradict each other, the tale of Aeneas adds to that of Romulus and Remus. If the tale of Romulus and Remus appears the more popular Roman founding tale today, then the tale of Aeneas, harking back to yet earlier times, was perhaps the more popular in the days of the Roman Empire. In fact, through Virgil, the Aeneid became the national epic of the Roman Empire and the most famous poem of the Roman era.  With this said there will be a lot of heroes who will make their appearance in Champions of Gods, even though they haven’t been very widely known before.

Now, when we talk about great Leaders of Rome we always remember Rulers and Emperors. Every time ancient Rome is mentioned I remember of 2 things: Roman Legionnaires and Gaius Julius Caesar.

Caesar was a Roman General who ultimately became a Roman Dictator due to his massive successes in Gallic Wars which gave him massive military power. Then we have the first ever Emperor of the Roman Empire (adopted son of Caesar) Augustus, who has increased the size of Rome very significantly. He was also a great leader of the Rome and has risen Rome to even greater glory (adding to what Caesar has previously done).Of course, many more Leaders of Rome will be featured in the game.

Now, who else could be featured in Champions of Gods? Who else in the Roman Empire was the epitome of skill and success? Oh, I don’t know, maybe just some warriors that were battling inside of Coliseum? Did you really think that we had forgotten about the gladiators?

But how could we? Roman Gladiators are so popular and are so often used as an inspiration for many games, movies, series, books and so on, that it would be almost a crime to leave them out.

You can call upon the services of the great Spartacus and make him the leader of your army. A man with such rebellious spirit has done some great damage against the Roman Empire, with just an army of slaves. Maybe you want to play as one of the greatest warriors Flamma, a gladiator so strong that he had fought more than 30 times inside the arenas and was awarded rudis (When the rudis was given to a gladiator, he was usually freed from his shackles, and allowed to live normally among the Roman citizens) four times and yet he chose to remain a Gladiator and continue with fighting. Talk about a love for battle.



Now we come to the ancient Persia.

The Heroes of the Persian Empire are many. However, the most remembered ones are their kings themselves. Sure, we can start the conversation with Xerxes.

Now, Xerxes I was the King of Kings (that was one of his titles) in Persia and he was also the leader of Persian Empire in the very famous in Greco-Persian wars. We are big fans of Xerxes, but if we are being honest his place as a Hero is earned in two ways: being a king and his worldwide popularity. His great battle records? Not really… He got defeated by the Greeks even though he amassed the largest army the world had seen.

So, who among Persian Kings has some real military successes?

Let us just go one generation back, to Xerxes’s father Darius.

Now, Darius I, was a very successful king and leader of his people. In his lifetime Persian Empire reached its territorial apex when it stretched from parts of the Balkans (Thrace-Macedonia, Bulgaria-Paeonia) in the west, to the Indus Valley in the east (through his previous campaigns he also added a large portion of Egypt to the Persian Empire). Sure he did lose the battle at Marathon, but to be honest, anyone who had to fight Greeks, before their internal struggles had started, would have a very slim chance (just ask Xerxes).

Still not convinced about the greatness of the Persian Kings? Then it is time to reveal their secret weapon. Maybe even the greatest king of all times the almighty Cyrus the Great.

Cyrus the Great has earned his moniker by being the person that has created the Persian Empire. Before Cyrus the Great, Persia was divided into many smaller empires. However, under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East and expanded Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen. His regal titles in full were The Great King, King of Persia, King of Anshan, King of Media, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, and King of the Four Corners of the World. Now that is a really powerful king (and too many titles 🙂 ).

Many great warriors’ feats inside the Persian Empire were dwarfed by the Glory of their Kings. However, the ones whose epic feats of strength, courage, and righteousness couldn’t be suppressed, even by the great Persian Kings, were the great mythological Heroes.

There are many mythological Heroes of ancient Persia. However, their stories are a lot lesser known than those of Greeks, Egyptians, and Nordics. We want to raise these stories from their obscurity and share their glory and awesomeness with all of you.

So where do we begin? We can only begin with the greatest Hero of the Persian mythology, Rostam.

Rostam is an awesome Hero, who has had many great adventures. He passes through a hero’s journey to save his sovereign, Kay Kavus who is captured by the demons (Divs) of Mazandaran. This journey is called “Rostam’s Seven Quests” (similar to Hercules’s twelve labors). However, probably the most epic story of Rostam is his famous and tragic fight with Esfandiyār, who is as well a legendary Persian hero, in which Rostam kills Esfandiyār.

Esfandiyār was the Crown Prince and a Divine Warrior of ancient Persia who supported the prophet, Zarathustra. In return, Zarathustra gave Esfandiyār a chain and armor from Heaven. The armor made him invincible and the chain had the power to bind anyone, even a demon or evil magician, making them unable to escape. He has also completed seven labors in order to be crowned a new king by his father Goshtap (although that didn’t happen and it is his father who is to blame for Esfandiyār’s death). The story of Rostam and Esfandiyār is truly one of the most epic stories of all time.



It is as we said in the begging.

Our wish is to make fantasy warfare real.

We wanted to honor the traditions of our ancestors, but at the same time to create something new and exciting, with a huge number of possibilities available to all our players, which weren’t available to them before.

You can relive epic battles between Persians and Greeks, or you can do something, that was thought impossible, and have Greeks and Persians join forces in order to defeat the Romans. You can have Achilles versus Hector once again, or you can have them join forces against a common enemy.

The possibilities are nearly limitless and the most important thing is that what happens is your choice. Play, enjoy and have fun!

Play, enjoy and have fun!


How can you join us on this amazing journey?

Creating Champions of Gods and bringing all of these legendary civilizations, their mythologies and awesome characters to life is dream come true for many of us, and we hope that it is for you as well.

We want Champions of Gods to be one of the first games that were truly created by its community.

We will soon be coming to Kickstarter and your support would mean a lot to us.

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Because in the end you enjoying and having fun while playing this game, will truly be our greatest success!

Thank you very much!


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