Champions of Gods – The Gameplay


Hi guys,

In this article, we will be talking a bit more about the gameplay in Champions of Gods.

In Champions of Gods, you will find many similarities with some MMO RTS games of old, so it won’t be very difficult to learn how to play the game.

However, when we say that Champions of Gods brings Revolution to the MMO RTS genre, it is not a catchphrase.

Creating a mythical world unlike you’ve ever seen before; bringing all of their epic characters to life; introducing awesome gameplay concepts of sharing a battlefield with your allies; use of awesome abilities and new tactical warfare are just some of the awesome things that Champions of Gods brings to the table.

So, if we are going to start talking, let’s start from the beginning.


The Beginning

In Champions of Gods, You are one of the many leaders, chosen by the Gods to spread their glory across the world.

When you enter the world of Champions of Gods you will be given a choice between the 3 starting civilizations: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Persia.

After choosing your starting civilization, you will be led through the story, by one of the Gods. One of these omnipotent beings will introduce you to the world and show you some starting steps, so you can start spreading both their and your glory across the world.

We will give our best, not just to capture the appearance of these civilizations, but also to capture the feeling of these ancient times.

You start the game with your first city. In that city, you only have some basic buildings. And, as in many other RTS games, you have to upgrade these buildings and build new ones, in order to get your city stronger.

With each of these upgrades, buildings become more efficient, get new functions and make you a lot more formidable foe.

However, in order to improve your buildings, you will have to use resources.



You will be able to collect lots of different resources, such as Silver, Wood, Stone and Food. All of these resources will be required in order to do many things like:

  • upgrade buildings to the next level
  • Recruit units
  • Pay the maintenance for your troops and much more.

Now, where do we find these resources?

Silver mines, wood camps, quarries, and farms are the production places. You can also get resources in other ways, such as pillaging other players and farm villages on your islands. But what is very important is that all of these resources must be gathered by people.

These people form one of the special in-game resources – The Population.



The population will be divided on free and working population.

The free population will be used for recruiting warriors, as well as for providing income through taxes. You will also be able to turn your free population into working population.

The working population will be employed in the resource gathering, and it will be counted among the total population, but not among the free population.

You will also be able to employ free population in both temples and academies. You will gain research points, as well as the favor from the gods, and both of these will be very important factors in the growth of your empire.

By researching new technologies, you will be able to do lots of new things and help your empire reach new heights.

Earning the favor of the Gods will help you in many ways, such as enabling you to use special divine powers and recruit very powerful mythical creatures.

There will be the population limit and population will grow over time. Combined with no troops limit there will be some great strategies for players to come up with.


Colonization, Occupation, Conquest

You will be able to increase the scope of your empire, through various ways like Conquest, Occupation, and Colonization.

Through Conquest, you will be able to take over your enemies’ cities. You will have to defeat all units of your opponent in order to claim his city as your own. Epic battles will be fought in order to achieve this goal.

It is always a lot better to take an already developed city, rather than to build a new one from scratch. However, taking it won’t be easy, because no one will give up their own city without a battle.

Occupation is similar to conquest in the way that as the end result you can gain your opponents city. There are two key differences between them:

  • When you go for the conquest, you get the city right away and you have to defend it for the certain time. With Occupation you will have to hold your enemies city for a couple of days and only after that period of time, you will be able to claim that city.
  • During the occupation, you will be receiving some bonus resources and cripple the occupied city in your enemies control. So, you might decide not to claim it for yourself, but rather just use it as yet another source of income.

Occupation is an awesome strategic option, which will be used by many pro players.

Finally, we have the most peaceful way of increasing your empire and that is Colonization.

Colonization allows you to create a new city on a land that has no city on it.

It is always an approach to use, for many different situations like trying to inhabit an uninhabited island or when you are not strong enough to conquer other players and so on.

Choosing which tactic you will use is all up to you, and you are the one that is completely in control of your own path.

Besides warriors, you will also be able to build battleships, which will enable you not only to attack and conquer enemies on your island but to conquer everyone in the world.


Innovative battle system

The great part of innovation in Champions of Gods comes through its new and original battle system. Thanks to this battle system You will be able to have group battles with a huge number of opponents.

Let us be clear about something: when we say huge group battles with a huge number of opponents, we mean exactly that.

Not lots of attacks coming in one by one, but a full-scale war. There will be 20 vs. 20, 50 vs. 50 wars between the players. And the ones that will have control over the outcome of this battle are the players themselves.

You will be able to control your armies and decide:

  • Who are they going to attack,
  • Which battle formation are they going to use,
  • Which abilities are the Heroes going to use,
  • Choosing between only battling your enemy, or sending part of your forces to assist your allies in their battles, as well as a huge number of other options.

Battling between a large number of the players on a huge battlefield at the same time, in the turn-based strategic combat is one of the dreams coming true!!!

We will cover this battle system in a lot greater detail, in a post of its own, next week.



Having alliances will be as important as in any other strategic game.

However, in Champions of Gods cooperation will be on a lot greater level than in any other RTS game.

There will be a lot of benefits for being a part of an alliance and there will be tons of options and things which you will be able to do together with your alliance members.

And if that was not enough, in these great battles your tactical preparations will have a great effect on the outcome.

If you develop alliance battle tactics to use on the battlefield, you will be as good as unstoppable.

On these huge battlefields, you will be able to help your allies defeat their enemies and they will be able to help you defeat yours.



Gods are omnipotent Characters. They are the reason everything is happening in Champions of Gods.

In each city’s temple, you will be able to choose a certain God that you want to worship. Depending on which God you choose to worship in a certain city, you will be granted the usage of some amazing divine abilities. As stated in the story, Gods can not take part in this war, but they can offer their help to their most loyal worshippers.

So by choosing a God, you can increase your city’s and your army’s capabilities.

There will also be different Gods for each civilization which means a different set of abilities. Persia will also be a special case since in their mythology there is a clear division between good and evil (unlike in Greek and Roman mythology). Ahura Mazda (God of all good) and Ahriman (God of all Evil) could never work together, you will be offered a choice: “Serve the good and follow the path of light that is Ahura Mazda or bring chaos and destruction by following the path of darkness that is Ahriman”.

This is just one in many ways that playing different civilizations in Champions of Gods will bring a different feeling for the players.


Warriors are the most basic battle Units. They can be produced by converting your free population and by spending your resources. As far as warriors go there will be no real troops limit.

A really interesting thing in Champions of Gods is the fact that there will be no real troops limit. What we mean by that is

What we mean by that is that you will be able to produce as many warriors as you possibly can. The only real limitation will be your population, resources and your ability to pay the maintenance for all these warriors. This opens up many interesting tactics that can be utilized in order to increase your army’s size.

You will also be able to use many different units in order to gain a tactical advantage over your opponent’s army and eventually win the war (we will talk more about this in the next week’s post about battles). Leveling Up these Units will also come into play, as they will gain more battle experience with each battle they are part of.


Mythical Creatures

Mythical Creatures are the second highest Rank Units, though their strength can be even greater than some Heroes.

They can be recruited by sacrificing the favor (which you received by worshipping your Gods). Once recruited they join your armies as Special Units. These mythical creatures have various passive (and some higher tier Creatures have even active) powers which they can use on the battlefield.

These Mythical Creatures will be a decisive factor in many epic battles that are about to come.



Heroes/Champions have a major role in Champions of Gods.

They are special units, leaders of your armies and powerful warriors which will give their lives for You. Although, they will be reborn after a certain period of time, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about it 😉

When sent in battle, these Heroes will use both their strength and amazing abilities, which could turn tides of battle in your favor. These Heroes will be able to increase their strength through battles and various missions on which they can embark. There will be many missions these Heroes can accomplish like searching for rare items and battling horrifying monsters.

By completing these missions You will be gaining, not only resources and Hero experience, but you will also be able to find various materials. You can use these materials to forge various items which will increase your strength and even add some new abilities to your hero.

Your Heroes are your most valuable Units and, if treated properly, they will spread your Glory across the World.


World Bosses

In Champions of Gods, you will also be able to face off against many strong monsters and World Bosses, which will be located throughout the World.

There will be some smaller monsters that your Heroes and armies can defeat on their own. However, World Bosses are a different story. These Horrifying creatures will be the threat to the entire World, and they will be defeated only by a united effort of many Great Leaders (and sometimes even entire alliances).

The challenge these creatures pose can grow from monstrous to Titanic 😉

Defeating these monsters will yield great rewards which will help you on your quest to become the Emperor of the greatest Empire that the World has ever seen.


The Ultimate Reward

The Ultimate reward for victory in Champions of Gods is joining the rich lore of Champions of Gods.

What do we mean by that?

That means that your character will become a recruitable Hero in Champions of Gods.

I mean, winning the greatest war that the world has ever seen can yield no smaller reward.

With this said, The winner will work with us on making your Champions of Gods character.

You will be involved in the process of making this Hero, so you can have an influence on his overall appearance.

It doesn’t get more awesome than that :)


Multiple end-game scenarios

When we mention End Game for Champions of Gods, we must also mention the multiple game-ending scenarios.

Since Champions of Gods is the World that lasts long and is constantly changing, isn’t it fitting that it can end in multiple ways?

Of course, we will not disclose what happens in the end, because we don’t want to spoil the game.

However, we can tell You that there will be some cataclysmic events which can result in an absolute chaos!



One of our main goals was for the players to have as much as possible control over the game.

We wanted to remove as many limitations as we possibly could.

Removing limitations is important for many reasons. First of all, the player is allowed to do what they want to do. But even more important is the fact that once that when you remove limitations, peoples’ imagination and creativity is being given the space to conceive some awesome strategies and do some amazing things.

Through this post, we wanted to try to give you some insight in a huge number of options and stuff that will be available in Champions of Gods and hopefully to get some ideas from you as well.

So join in on the discussion, write your thoughts and opinions about this blog post, as well as of Champions of Gods in its entirety.


How can you join us on this amazing journey?

We hope that we’ve succeeded in our attempt to share with you, our vision of what kind of game Champions of Gods is going to be.

Creating this game and bringing all of these legendary civilizations, their mythologies and awesome characters to life is dream come true for many of us, and we hope that it is for you as well.

If you like Champions of Gods and if you like what we are all about, and you want to join us on this amazing journey, here are some simple and yet important things that you can do:

  • You can subscribe to our blog and we will keep you informed about everything that is happening;
  • Follow us on all our social media profiles and later back our project on Kickstarter;
  • Help us to spread the word about Champions of Gods;
  • And finally, give us your thoughts and your opinions about what you think should be in the game,

Because in the end you enjoying and having fun while playing this game, will truly be our greatest success!


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