Champions of Gods – The Greatest Battles that the World has Ever Seen


Epic Battles have always been a huge part of all the great RTS games.

Massive armies colliding in glorious battles are some of the most awesome things about the RTS games.

However, MMORTS games have failed to excel in this part. Instead of choosing a more difficult road and trying to recreate these awesome battles, they chose the easy way. All of their battles are automatized and end with just a battle report. This means that they have failed to deliver on the best part of the RTS genre.

Champions of Gods is here to change that!


Battle System

We have mentioned that Champions of Gods has an extremely innovative battle system.

This battle system is one of the main characteristics that separate Champions of Gods from all other MMORTS games.

If we are going to talk about it, it would be best to start from the beginning.

What you could already be aware of (if you had read our previous posts), is that our team is made of guys that grew up playing awesome RTS games like Age of Empires and Age of Mythology. We have been influenced a lot by these war strategy games and we always wanted to create a game that would be as awesome as these games are.

One of the main things that we liked about these games is, of course, the epic battles. Things like seeing armies of warriors battling it out on the battlefield, or a Titan going Rampage on the city, are some of the most awesome moments that are remembered for the rest of your life.

However, this is the part in which all MMORTS games have a problem. Creating these huge battles with awesome animations was almost mission impossible for all of them.

And it was for a very good reason.

To be able to recreate huge armies battling in a great detail (like some newer RTS games do), would be insanely expensive to make and very difficult to pull off, even for the more experienced studios.

So, what was their response to that?

Judging by the result, it would sound something like this: “Since we cannot make huge battles, the easiest thing we can do is to make an automated battle system, which will just calculate the result of battle, and we will leave it on that.

It most probably wasn’t like that, but the results that we got from them so far make it look this way. It feels like such a lazy solution! I mean you are taking away one of the most awesome and fun parts of RTS games from your players. Just seeing a battle result makes the game an automated experience in which the winning player is the one that has more troops. But that turns an RTS game into a game of city building and stacking a high number of troops… Having the ability to take control of your forces and lead them to victory is one of the best feelings that real-time strategy games offer to their players.

And if that wasn’t enough, most of these games haven’t even enabled the option of multiple attacks landing at the same time. This is just another great battle experience of which we were denied. Instead of attacking all at once, group battles became series of closely timed attacks. I mean sure it is great that you get at least a taste of the MMO gaming. But that is all it is, just a taste.

MMORTS games have an enormous unused potential and that is what we are trying to use to its maximum. I mean wouldn’t it be 10x more awesome if you were able to land a united attack with your allies at the same time? Wouldn’t it be a 100x more awesome if you could take control of your forces and see them clash with your enemies?

Sure, creating and raising an empire is an awesome game part and I’ve played many of these games myself and enjoyed playing them. But when you have no tactical say in how things go on the battlefield, there is always that feeling that something is missing.

We wanted to think outside the box.

We wanted to try and create something that would actually allow us to have amazing massive battles and give our players the ability to take control over their armies and to have real influence on the battle result.

How did we approach this problem?

Well, first of all, we were well aware of the aforementioned problems. We knew that we can not (at this point in time) create that awesome experience, in which you can actually see 100 players with their 100.000 soldiers clashing (because of the insanely huge expenses this battle system would require).

But we didn’t want to leave it at that.

We thought that there must be a solution which could allow us to create a new battle system that would give the players tactical options, give you control over your units and could actually show you the battle happening, but without making these insanely huge expenses.

After many ideas were thrown out, the best ideas were selected and developed further so we could actually see what the best option was.

After we had further developed these ideas, there was one that won us over completely. This new battle system was just what we were looking for.


The new Battle System

Champions of Gods are combining MMORTS gameplay with the new Turn-based battle system.

After realising that creating animations of enormous armies in an RTS style with hundreds of players was nearly impossible (because the costs of its creation would cost millions) we sought to find a different type of battle that would enable our players to remain in control of their armies and have an awesome experience, and that is, at the same time, possible for a smaller game studio to make.

After many ideas were thrown out, the one stood tall. We call it “The System of Connected Battlegrounds“. Not a flashy name, but it gets straight to the point.

The system of connected battlefields is a turn-based battle system through which hundreds of players can battle on one huge battlefield. This huge battlefield consists of many smaller battlegrounds on which each player’s army is facing one opposing army.

The battlefield of Champions of Gods will be comprised of many square fields, like for example in chess. The Units will also stand on those squares in the same manner like chess pieces. Their stats will, of course, depend on multiple factors like their basic stats, bonus stats(from heroes, upgrades, etc) as well as the number of soldiers in that particular unit.

Similar battlefield look was used in some previous game titles, most notably (in my opinion) in Heroes of Might and Magic series(which is also another favorite of mine).

However, in Champions of Gods, the battlefield is unlike any other before it because it is comprised of many smaller battlegrounds on which hundreds of players will wage war.

After you, your allies and your opponents have positioned your troops, the battle will begin.

You will be able to do all sorts of things on the battlefield, such as: move your troops, attack enemy units, use abilities of your Heroes and mythical creatures and much, much more.

Now, what the connected battlegrounds system enables you, is not only to see battles of your allies but to also enter their battlefield with your own units and help them in their battles.

This allows an almost infinite number of new possibilities and tactics which can be used. Just for example:

  • You can bring your hero to your ally’s battleground and together with his hero on one battleground and have them wreak havoc on all who dare to oppose you.
  • A battle seems lost, you are outnumbered and overpowered, but out of nowhere, your allies arrive and destroy your enemies and help you snatch victory from jaws of defeat.
  • You can defeat multiple enemy armies and completely dominate the entire battlefield and so much more.

What this battle system enables us is to finally have these huge battles. Does 20 vs. 20 players sound fun to you? No? How about 50 vs. 50?

It is one of the biggest gamers’ dreams and we are bringing it to life!


How can you join us on this amazing journey?

We hope that we’ve succeeded in our attempt to share with you, our vision of what kind of game Champions of Gods is going to be.

Creating this game and bringing all of these legendary civilizations, their mythologies and awesome characters to life is dream come true for many of us, and we hope that it is for you as well.

We want Champions of Gods to be one of the first games that were truly created by its community.

We will soon be coming to Kickstarter and your support would mean very much to us.

If you like Champions of Gods and if you like what we are all about, and you want to join us on this amazing journey, you can subscribe here for Free and receive some awesome, pre-Kickstarter exclusive rewards, like:

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Here are also some additional, very simple, and yet very important things that you can do:

  • Follow us on all our social media profiles;
  • Help us to spread the word about Champions of Gods;
  • And finally, give us your thoughts and opinions about what you think should be in the game,

Because in the end you enjoying and having fun while playing this game, will truly be our greatest success!

Thank you very much!


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