About us

We are a team made of both young talents and people with experience in the game development.
We grew up playing games, such as Age of Empires, Age of Mythology and later games like Total War Series, Civilization and many others.
We have also always been fascinated by histories and mythological stories and beliefs of the ancient civilizations.

Therefore, there were two primary goals which we wanted to achieve with this game:
1. To pay homage to these great civilizations and their amazing mythologies
2. To create an awesome, exciting and fun game in which anything could happen and all could enjoy

Making video games is our Greatest Passion.
We have a very clear vision of both: how the game will look in the end, as well as of what will be necessary to finish it.

Champions of Gods isn’t just a game. It is an out of this world experience and an epic story to be remembered !

We will be coming soon to Kickstarter and with your help we can embark together on an amazing journey and bring this game to life.

We BELIEVE that by doing what we LOVE and what we are truly PASSIONATE about, we can create something AMAZING.
George Filipovic
George Filipovic
Lead Designer

What we are all about


You can create anything that you want by using your imagination.

Having fun

Do something that gives you fun and joy, while bringing fun and joy to others.

Giving it our all

When you do something what you love and enjoy: Give it everything you got!!!

We will soon be on

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