Champions of Gods

1st ever MMO RTS game uniting Histories and Mythologies of the Ancient Civilizations

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What does Champions of Gods have to offer?

MMO RTS With Story

A World in which groups of Gods have waged wars amongst themselves. A story of the never ending Godly feuds. Great Heroes being reborn and Awesome Leaders (the Players) battling for Supremacy, in order to become the new Champions of Gods.

Innovative massive group battles

No more mere battle results, it is time to take full control of your forces. Massive group battles while sharing the battlefield with your allies. 1 vs 1 isn't fun, 50 vs 50 is! In Champions of Gods, all of this becomes Reality!!!

World of Gods, Heroes and Monsters

Champions of Gods will be the first MMO RTS game which will have the strongest of the ancient civilizations battle for the ultimate supremacy in the name of their Gods. Gods, Heroes and Mythical Creatures from these civilization will be back in their full glory.

Your Decisions, Your Path, Your Story

A World in which everything You do leaves a mark. Every decision you make will shape the game and will eventually create Your Story and all individual stories combined will tell the story of the entire World.

We bring Revolution to MMO RTS Games

Join us in our quest to bring change and improve this game genre. Let’s do it together.

Champions of Gods will soon be on Kickstarter

About Champions of Gods

Check out our game related posts in which you will learn about our new game, and realize why many people are already showing us their support.

Character Spotlight

Learn more about the awesome Gods, Heroes, Mythical Creatures and Warriors in Champions of Gods.

Kickstarter log and tips

In many blog posts we are discussing our preparations for Kickstarter, so there will be many tips and tricks which you can use for your own campaigns as well.

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